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Concern has also been raised over the safety of such sites, which are not regulated by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority because, as a study by Helen Croydon for The Mirror has revealed, all communication is considered to be private between two consenting adults.

So while regulated HFEA clinics - which charge £2,000 per cycle - screen all donors for STDs and hereditary conditions, 'free' sperm donation websites do not.

I have just found over the years that discussing such personal emotions and feelings is often hampered by a mixed audience.

Feel free to leave your comments, ideas or suggestions.

Because I feel that Sex Addiction knows no gender or orientation boundaries, I would like to welcome stories and comments from men who are involved with Sex Addicts.

This disease touches everyone, gays, straights, men and women, and each and every one of us who has known that trauma and pain deserves to be heard.

He was also an assistant team leader for the Raid Entry and Containment Team and was the lead department instructor in defensive tactics and use of force".

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The four family members are all believed to be from Illinois and had flown into Shannon Airport earlier yesterday for the funeral of a close relative in Co Wexford.

Lily and Doug, pictured above, were aged in their seventies and their two sons were aged in their forties.

A statement from his police department reads; "Officer Alexander was a 17 year veteran with the Bolingbrook Police Department.

He received his associate's degree in Criminal Justice from the College of Du Page and graduated from the Cook County Police Academy in 2001 as class valedictorian.

"Officer Alexander was assigned to the Bolingbrook Park District as a park patrol officer.

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Those limitations were vividly highlighted in 2013 in the case of Gary and Louise Lidington, from London, who were told as they made final preparations for their wedding that they would not be allowed to use the words “in sickness and in health” in their vows because it was deemed to be too religious.… continue reading »

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