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It has been said by Vatke (Die Religion des Alten Test., 1835, p.

163) that the name Jahveh is of Indo-European origin.

Rabbinic writers derive the prohibition of pronouncing the Tetragrammaton , as the name of Jehovah is called, from Leviticus : "And he that blasphemeth the name of the Lord, dying let him die".

Inserting the vowels of Jabe into the original Hebrew consonant text, we obtain the form Jahveh ( Yahweh ), which has been generally accepted by modern scholars as the true pronunciation of the Divine name.

Probably the introduction of the name Jehovah antedates even R.

Ecclesiasticus , appears to prohibit only a wanton use of the Divine name, though it cannot be denied that Jehovah is not employed as frequently in the more recent canonical books of the Old Testament as in the older books.First, He uses the first person imperfect of the Hebrew verb "to be"; here the Vulgate, the Septuagint, Aquila, Theodotion, and the Arabic version suppose that God uses the imperfect qal ; only the Targums of Jonathan and of Jerusalem imply the imperfect hiphil .