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29-Dec-2017 18:34

And evolving from modern history, the notion of common interests in governance was always a play to American gullibility- Ms. Obama aren’t arguing they better serve the public interest through acting against the Constitution, they argue they have the power to do so and others (Snowden, Manning) don’t. military power being used in corporate interests, bankers and their representatives wrote the banking laws that led to recent catastrophe and they are writing the laws to ‘rectify’ the laws they previously wrote.

Only the riff-raff need explain themselves goes the thinking. The official rationale is they know best how to operate ‘their’ businesses despite the fact they still exist on the public dole from their last catastrophe.

A critical difference in learning is that blacks learn more by ear than by eye.

In short, black guys can talk very well, dance very well, run very well, but they fall short in the department our president is now falling short in. The liberal formulae for reviving the economy, the New Deal way, have run out.

Likewise, there appears eternal mystery on the part of the compassionate right- liberals and progressives, why the corporate media are tools of corporate leaders and their servants in government. The received wisdom is ‘access’ to elite sources is behind the ‘affectation,’ but it is no affectation.

It is no accident Andrew Ross Sorkin, Jeffrey Toobin and David Gregory use the royal ‘we’ to conflate their interests as rich, connected, white ‘journalists’ with those of Mr. The strategy to ‘universalize’ narrow interests through the use of totalizing language (‘we’) is class politics 101.

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What makes the difference is not our real belief about the races, but our attitude toward the present perversion of morality whereby, if were good, everything whites have is somebody elses. There is a lot of discussion about how he has fallen short. Ever since the World War I Betas, we have known that blacks do far better on verbal skills and worse on math or other abstracts. This is racial, no matter how many baths the individual black takes or how well he dresses. Snowden’s ‘credentials’ because if they did, and the official line was he lacked the credentials to be a credible ‘leaker,’ then he also lacked the credentials to be treasonous.