Gay camping sex stories

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In a surge of adrenaline and nervous tension, I grabbed my own cock. Lets see how YOU look after a couple of minutes in this water! He waded over to me, still holding his dick in his hand.

It had certainly been affected by the cold of the water and was barely long enough to show outside my encircling fist. "Oh, no," I complained, "you have to let go of that thing to let some cold hit it." He continued to close the gap between us, until he stood next to me, almost hip to hip. Let go of yours." I had no idea where we were going and my head was still swimming.

Occasionally we'd stop, one of us having spotted a small animal or particularly pretty sight. Eventually we found a nice little clearing along the trail and broke camp late in the afternoon.

We chatted about the hike in and the things we had seen, about affairs of the camp and the things we wanted to do and see. " Greg had in fact just finished taking off his hiking pants and now swept his underwear to the ground in one quick motion.

I had a second to register its presence across my bare hip, to feel its warmth as he reached gently around and grasped my soft member.

For the second time, my heart missed a beat, then began a fluttering half step before kicking into high gear.

When we got to the stream, I was first to strip down and jump in. We were very open with each other and had no insecurities about nudity or sexual topics.

The water was quite chilly and I involuntarily gasped loudly as I went in. I think the fact that we were nearly the same size helped greatly.

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My reverie was broken as I realized that I was still staring at his cock and that he had noticed.

I know it did for me - I felt much more at ease being naked in front of him knowing that he did not have some monstrous cock that should put mine to shame.

Besides, it seemed that we got along very well in general and shared similar view points on many topics.

"Nah, I was just looking past you at the.." damn if I didn't pause too long to think of what it was I could say!

As if it weren't tough enough to try to get out of this, now I had to blow it by freezing up! Yeah, I was." Maybe the honest approach might work. " "Yeah," I said, "and it'll shrink you up even more!My right hand slumped to my side and my pitifully limp cock fell free in the cold cold water.