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The Tomahawk, Warrior, Archer III, Seneca, Robinson R44 and Schweizer 300CBi have all had praise heaped upon them by reviewers and desktop pilots alike.For all the details on these aircraft and the DVD-ROM Flying Club packages, click here.The Cessna 120 was an austere version of the 140 two-place, metal, tail wheel aircraft and both were intended for pilot training and inexpensive flying.Nearly 5,000 of the 120/140 series were built from 1945 until 1951 when the market for this class of airplane became so thoroughly saturated that Cessna stopped building two-place airplanes for seven years.The 150 was offered in three basic models: the Standard/Trainer, the Commuter, and the A150 Aerobat.The Commuter "deluxe" version had a slight increase in wingspan and was more suitable to cross country flight than the more austere Standard due to its additional equipment: a vacuum system for the added directional and horizon gyros, wheel fairings, individually adjustable bucket seats, interior carpet, conical camber wing tips, heated pitot tube, and an "Omni Flash" beacon.In this airplane, 435 students completed his spin training course.

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He wrote five flying manuals, laced with technical wisdom and his trademark wit, that thousands of pilots worldwide have relied upon.

Cessna built 23,902 150s and 7,593 152s for a series total of 31,533. Cessna built the vast majority of the series in Wichita, but Reims Aviation in France built nearly 2,500 under Cessna license.

Cessna halted production of single-engine piston aircraft in the 1986 when a product liability crisis and other economic woes threatened the future of small light planes.

However with the passage of the 1994 General Aviation Revitalization Act, which limited manufacturer's liability, and with other new entry level single engine aircraft on the horizon, Cessna resumed building models172 and 182 in 1997.

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Cessna has produced more entry level private aircraft than any other aircraft manufacturer and this rugged little trainer is still found at most general aviation airports. The Aerobat appealed to those looking for primary instruction and a little bit more basic aerobatic and spin capability. Kershner, a highly respected pilot and instructor, bought N7557L in 1984 as a trainer for his flight school.For the student pilot, tricycle gears moved the center of gravity and lowered the nose of the aircraft, thus improving forward visibility, and featured a steerable nose wheel, all of which made the aircraft easier to take off, land and taxi.

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