Bitdefender 2016 is not updating milos brankovic online dating

01-Sep-2017 00:37

Hey about a month ago I updated Windows 10 for them to basically say "Hey you no longer need this and removed Bitdefender for me." When I tried to reinstall it, it said that it wasn't compatible with windows 10.

But then there was a popup saying I could update it to the Windows 10 compatible version which I then installed.

Instead, you had to download a trial of the new version and install that over your old one, then reactivate it with your license key. Then you have to follow a process to upgrade your old license key to the new 2016 subscription.

Bitdefender has outlined the upgrade process at which basically means following these steps: to upgrade to the 2016 product.

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If you are looking for the earlier versions of Bitdefender (2010, 2009 or 2008) please go here, for version 10 please go here.