Aadhe adhure zee zindagi online dating

03-Nov-2017 00:02

There are very few Indian shows that centre around a woman's family life and don't turn out to be a long dreary saga of what not.Aadhe Adhoore was one such show which took a protagnist who was not perfect but a flawed character and how she struggles with her personal happiness on the face of her familial relationships and expectations.The audience might dislike the show if Jassi would not have suffered some kind of consequence of her actions.Specifically when Jassi stands contrast to Channi, who in turn has all the 'aadarsh bahu' traits. By the very ending, they reinforced the patriarchal stereotype that a woman who cheats shall, by divine punishment or other, face the consequences of her actions.But what she found impossible to deal with was Virender’s opportunistic vacillation after his marriage.

“If you were not interested in me, then why did you come to my bedroom the other night? Jassi looked him in the eye and asked: “Is the right to be led astray only yours?They showed her character at the same light as they did her brother in law.No judgement was given by the direction, only by the fellow characters of her life.*Spoilers* Having said all of that, in the end of the day, they are a business catering to Indian audiences. Our society, while liberal to a certain extent, is still not accepting of an idea that a cheating married woman can get away with having an affair.Despite their sexual attraction for each other, Virender and Jassi also cared for each other in ways friends and siblings would. When Virender’s engagement broke up because a relative from the girl’s side accused him of visiting the abortion clinic with another woman, Jassi (who indeed was the woman in question) was quick to arrange his marriage with her unsuspecting cousin Channi (Priyanka Khera).

These self-serving manoeuvres, however, did not stop her from loving Channi or wanting the newlyweds to have a happy life.Two months after Jassi got married, her husband Narender (Arpit Kapoor), the main earning member of the family, takes up a job in Sharjah.